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About Me

A man born -95. Father of two kids and a rapper/singer/dancer. I am a dreamer and a real optimist. Follow my story and my journey as an artist in Sweden. 

Pain that's been hidden for to long..

This is my second video to My Backstory video. I speak more in detail about what you can call my Backstory.

When your heart is somewhere else..

I work a 9 to 5 job. Everyday I wake up 5 o clock in the morning, get dressed, wash my face, brush my teeth and get ready for work. Sitting on my couch each morning one thought always comes back. What am I doing?
It might sound selfish of me or even naive, but there is nothing I can see my self doing other than music..
Even so like everyone, I suck it up and go to work. Sitting at my desk it feels like I'm telling myself to ignore my dreams. I know that nothing comes without hard work and some real sweat. Real grinding, still though, it's like I'm telling the music in me to stay quite.
Everyday I see and talk to people who say " Yes well I could have done this but I have family to think of". Sure I'm all for family and providing for them. But are you happy? Are you fulfilled?
Do you wake up in the morning and go "Hell yes! On my way to work and I would do this even if I didn't get paid to!"
Would you?

No.. most of you wouldn't. Why? Because you're not fulfilled..
Not doing what you love no matter the situation leaves most people unfulfilled.
Which breeds negative feelings and that in turn will only build up over the years. At some point you will have to face reality. Just think about it  years and years where you could have been fighting for your dream. Showing your family, kids, husband or wife that anything is possible as long you believe it is, and act accordingly. So a life of feeling unfulfilled, is that what you want? 
Of course not. But unless you take action, more of the same is exactly what you'll get. This is what breaks up alot of marriages. Most of the marriages I've seen anyway. And you start to seek out that fulfillment elsewhere.
This is something I myself have been dealing with and probably most you as well. But you see, now I have a producer in my corner. A brother betting it all on me. And best of all shows coming up. Only if I do my part as well. So as long as you stay vigilant, keep being grateful for what you have now. Sooner or later you'll get where you want to be then.
So when your heart is somewhere else, do you suck it up for the rest of your life and work at every other job other than the one you actually want?
Become bitter and hate yourself while blaming everything else?

 Or do you take responsibility?
Grab the threads of your destiny and actually take a chance that you know, if everything works out, will almost 100% bring happiness, prosperity and keep all that positivity and love in your family?

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day. I was going to continue where we last left of, but I felt that I needed to give a tribute to parents out there. Today is a day we celebrate our fathers and it's also the day our kids celebrate us fathers as well. There are alot of women out there doing an impossible job everyday with a smile on their faces and you are my heroes. You are true Superwoman!
And dads? You are amazing! There is a different kind of pressure here, and at the same time the same. Having an amazing mother taking care of our kids is amazing but at the same time it gives us alot to live up to. It can both be good or bad. What do you think?
How does this day affect you?
Let me know in the comments below.

I Have To Be Honest For You To Be..right?

Lets get to know each other a little bit better. I hope the wait wasn't to long? I had some technical issues, but I fixed it and well here we are.

Funny thing just happened. I was just about to post my Vlog of The Day. I've been working on it since 8 am, and suprise    suprise. I somehow managed to erase my entire DAMN project!!! Imagine that happening after putting in hours of work.  But well well I guess I'll do my Vlog of the day tomorrow instead. I'll be talking about how it is to be an artist in Sweden,   but starting with how I got into the "music industry". Some back-story so that you can at least get to know me before I    start prattling off about how us musicians in Sweden are grinding.

First Vlog

For my first vlog/videoblog post I thought that I'd start with a video of what I did today. Or to be more correct I posted it yesterday :) Its an original song I sang acapella and uploaded to youtube. Anyway I'll be uploading videos or vloggs of how it is to be a artist in Sweden, day by day. But sometimes I'll even do mentions and even interview and talk to other artists about how it really is working your hardest to make it in this country. I hope you follow my journey.
Bless :)